Sunday, January 02, 2005

Alive in 2005

When I woke up yesterday morning, I had the strangest feeling that this year is going to be the best year of my life, that is I had that feeling about an hour after my head stopped pounding and I was once again able to walk in a straight line. I think I passed out at around 12:15 on New Year's, but my date swears it was more like 1:15, and if that's true I can't remember it. Luckily, I had the best date ever and he didn't even care that I'm super lame and I drink too much and go to bed early. Then there was yesterday when I had to wake up at 10:00am and go to work with pets and kids all day. Normally, working with pets and kids all day is precisely my cup of tea, however not so when one has a huge hang over. Ouch! Then I was supposed to get picked up from work by a person who had borrowed my car, only to find out that they got into an accident and my Buick is now really beat up...And I just got it out of the shop last week. Ewww! Now I can't go home for a long time because I have to get my car fixed...And I'm sad because he's leaving today and I didn't get to see him last night because of all that stupid car crash stuff. Oh well, on the upside it is absolutely lovely to have someone's sister tell you that their brother is absolutely mad about you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

For New Year's Eve my date got us a penthouse suite at the Swiss Hotel in Atlanta overlooking the fantastic fireworks display at Lenox Mall because he is a fucking pimp. This rules!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

If anyone wants to snail mail me here is my address:

Rex Adventure
(It has come to my attention that posting your address on the inter web is dangerous)
However, "Night of the Living Mullets" was fabulous JPP, you shall be recieving a letter...probably after New Year's.

If you write me a letter, I wiil write you one back and include pictures and possibly candy. Trust me, I have nothing better to do except hang out with my dog.

Monday, December 13, 2004


To be a broke as fuck Jewish girl, also known as me. I am selling my computer to help pay bills because it is the only thing of value I own. If my dad finds out he will kill me! Only he won't find out because he is spending Hanukkah in Israel. Boo! Everyone expect far less posting because I a.) Will no longer own a computer, and b.) Might not be in college next semester (no computer labbing). This is all a long, long story that I don't feel like telling, so I will now change the subject...


Friday, December 10, 2004

Today I want to kiss things in gratitude, but not people. I had a date yesterday with a really sweet, handsome, successful man in his mid-thirties. I stood him up. Not because I didn't like him, I think he's darling. I stood him up because the prospect of getting myself into a one-on-one situation with someone I like trying to kiss me terrifies me...Unless I'm drunk. But who wants to have to be drunk to get kissed by someone they really like and not cry about it? I was too scared that I would have freaked out on him and then he would think that I was just a silly 20 year old school girl (which I am) who doesn'tknow how to deal with men. I didn't even call, so I'm sure by now he thinksI'm a horrible cunt. Such is my life. It's been over 3 months now, doesn't this shit ever go away?
My little Kitten Mitten is dead and I cried about it all day yesterday. I was pretty sure she would put up a good fight, I mean she came that far. She seemed like tough stuff. There I was driving down 316 when I got turned inside out. I was driving and crying for miles and I'm positive I was the epitomy of pathetic. I didn't realize hearts could break over such small things. She didn't even weigh a pound. I got home and there was loud music, so I thought,"FUCK! We have company and I'm crying and look like shit.Prepare for the worst." Luckily it was just my wonderful roommate and she cheered me up. That is, untilI went back to Atlanta and cried myself to sleep and wondered if my heart will always feel like it could never break again anytime something like this happens.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Ok, so some girl in my Psychology class randomly walks up to me in the hall and says, "Hey do you want a kitten? I found it in the street and it looks sick. I almost ran over it, so I picked it up out of the road, but I can't keep it.".....Which brings me to the picture featured above. That is my school bag, and yes, that is the kitten inside of it. I am now walking around campus with a stray, sick, sleeping kitty in my bag. I should reallly learn to say "NO". That's ok, I'm taking it to a safe home after my last class. I hope it will be quiet for another 2 hours, because it mewed really loudly in my Abnormal Psych class...So I pretended I was yawning.

As for Bobby's party...IT KICKED SERIOUS ASS! I have the Groom pic on buzznet. I think men running around in hot pink thongs are indeed hilarious.

Does anyone want a kitten?

Monday, December 06, 2004


Tonight is my gay boyfriend's wedding party. Fucking rock! The invitation is labeled as "Big Gay Fag Male Stripper Wedding" it is at Atlanta's numero uno male strip club, "Swingin' Richard's". Now, I am positive that male strippers are one of the funniest things on the planet, so that alone is enough incentive to go. That, and the fact that there will be an open bar. However, if I get flacid cock shoved in my face, I am going to officially be a full out lesbian for the rest of my life. Plus, Bobby is trying to set me up with one of "the boys" because apparently only four of the sixty eight dancers are gay. I don't know why he thinks I will even talk to one of them, more or less date one. Oh well, I trust that after I get drunk off my two cocktails I will be really mean to anyone that tries to hit on me. Entertainment for all.

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